October Monthly Product Update: Introducing Generosity by Indiegogo, Pre-Order (BETA), Refunds, and More

Aside from test-piloting the MicroDrone 3D around the office, October’s been an amazingly productive month at Indiegogo HQ. We’ve made upgrades to our platform and wanted to share the latest product updates with you.
Here are 5 impactful October releases:
1) ‘Generosity by Indiegogo’ is live
Generosity by Indiegogo is the new home for all personal cause and charitable fundraisers powered by Indiegogo’s powerful, global crowdfunding engine. Generosity, the easiest way for people worldwide to directly support nonprofits, social causes and others in need, has zero platform fees, allowing fundraisers to keep all the funds they raise. 

2) Creators can now accept Pre-Orders with Pre-Order BETA
We’ve seen thousands of creators raise millions with InDemand , which allows creators to receive ongoing exposure on the Indiegogo platform after their campaigns end. For tech and design creators already in InDemand, our brand-new Pre-Order BETA feature lets you easily take pre-orders for your products before they’re fully available in retail.  In addition, individuals buying Pre-Order products can often save money, paying less than the product’s future retail price.   Learn more about Pre-Order BETA , or if you’re a design or technology creator who wants to try Pre-Order BETA , let us know .

3) Backers can request refunds
For the last two months, we’ve been processing refunds on behalf of any backer that requested one. Now, backers can request a refund directly within the Indiegogo product, without having to contact our customer happiness team. Backers who change their minds after contributing will be much happier, and provided funds haven’t been disbursed, campaigners won’t have to worry about managing refund requests. We’re making sure each and every Indiegogo user is delighted with their experience and freeing campaigners and backers from extra communication. Learn more about how refunds work .

4) Backers can update shipping addresses
We know that contributors can move or their addresses might change at any time between when they contribute and when a perk is ready to be shipped. Provided a perk hasn’t already been fulfilled, any backer can now update their shipping addresses directly on the “Order Details” page under the “Contributions” tab so their perks show up at the right place! Learn more about address updates .

5) Campaigns now have tags
Campaign tagging makes it easier for any visitors browsing Indiegogo to find campaigns that interest them. Any campaigner can add between 1 to 5 tags to his or her campaign on the “Basics” tab of the Campaign Editor, and tags will show up on their campaign page. And if your campaign is already live, don’t worry – you can still go back and add tags.

These are the 5 key features released in October, and best of all, we’ve got many more that we’ll debut in the coming months. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, let us know below, and look out for another product update post next month.
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