What would you ask your favorite filmmaker?

Our film team considers this question quite regularly. Right now they're at Sundance hosting office hours, chatting with filmmakers, and watching #KickstarterFilm screenings. But even when they're not out and about chatting with directors, producers, and other folks that make films happen, they're doing it right here at Kickstarter HQ. Here's a recap of who our film team has spoken with during their last few Creator Hangouts. Let's talk film.

We were lucky enough to get to chat with Dawn Porter just a few weeks before she headed off to Sundance for the premiere of TRAPPED , a documentary that travels into the reproductive health clinics of the U.S. South. In addition to talking about the pressing issue of protecting women's reproductive rights, Dawn also shared lots of knowledge for filmmakers, including how to identify your key audience and some tips for planning events around the premiere of your film.

Dawn offers advice to first time filmmakers.

In December, we spoke with filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon about her Peabody award-winning interactive documentary, Hollow . She not only explained the medium of interactive documentaries, but spoke about how she got an entire community energized about the film she was making. Her advice about rewards stood out, too. 

Elaine talks about thinking through what rewards to offer.

Andrew Ahn is premiering Spa Night , the coming-out story of David, a closeted Korean-American teen, at Sundance this year. During our Creator Hangout, he spoke about the importance of putting the right amount of prep work into launching a project, and having an "offline" element to the campaign.

Andrew spoke about Spa Night & the work that went into his campaign

Last but not least, one of our very first Creator Hangouts was with photographer and filmmaker Gary Hustwit . Gary has run three projects on Kickstarter, and he's also the filmmaker behind Helvetica , a film about typography, graphic design, and global visual culture. Every creator that we've spoken to recognized the importance of acknowledging their supporters, and this rang especially true during our conversation with Gary. He spoke about how important it is to realize that the community behind your idea can serve as a huge resource, money aside.

Gary reflects on the importance of community.

At this point you've probably thought up a few questions of your own. Well, the chat isn't over! You can join any of our upcoming Creator Hangouts  or ask filmmakers over on Campus .