boob job – breast enlargement

Hi my names kirsty im 25 years young and a single mom and have been for all my sons life . Im currently working part time to keep a roof over our heads and the bills paid but my aim is to become an alternative model (tattoo model) and this will definatley give me the boost to go forward with my goal and maybe even help me to get into this type of modeling alot easier. Ive wanted breast surgery for years all i have been waiting for is for my mom to agree to let me have surgury and she has finally said YES . Even though my mom has agreed to let me persue my dream of having this surgery im struggling to get a personal loan due too only working part time and having a dependant child. Which i fully disagree with im even looking for a second job to help pay for this. The most amount thats been offered to me is 3500 and the surgery is roughly 5000 so im now facing another obsticle which is so fustrating !

I was told about this site and thought i would give it a shot

Any donations would be very much appreciated even little to very little just to help me kick start the process.
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