Hello! My name is Rachel Briggs, I’m currently a drama student from Sunderland, England.

About 6 years ago I was able to take part in an amazing workshop with a group called the Young Americans. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Here is a little info about them:

“The Young Americans is a charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of music, dance, performance, academic education and cultural interaction among Student Members and their audiences. The International Music Outreach Tours were created by The Young AmericansĀ® in 1992 to bring music back into schools, opening doors of discovery for the musical talents of young people.”

“The Music Outreach Program aims to: Encourage music in the schools of our nation and around the world. Train young people in vocal techniques, dance, and comedy improvisation, to stage movement, sound, lighting, and more. Share insight and understanding of different cultures. Strengthen character & develop self-esteem, self-worth, and leadership.”

Ever since I found out that international students could apply to potentially become a Young American, everything in my life has be targeted towards that one goal. If I raise enough money, I will be travelling to the college in California, to live/train there for 9 months. I will then have the opportunity to take part in one of the International Outrech Programmes! Meaning I will be able to travel the world(something else I have always wanted to do) as a performer, hopefully inspiring others as much as I was inspired by them.

My journey has been a long one, but I have now been informed that I have been accepted by the Young Americans and offered a place to train with them.

As you can imagine, this is huge deal for me, it is a total dream come true, I have wanted this since I was 15, and now after almost 6 years of intense learning and rehearsing to assure I had the best video audition, I have almost achieved my goal, however, I need your help! I don’t come from a rich family and don’t want to put myself or my (hugely supportive) family in debt. I currently have 2 jobs to help me get money as well as some savings, and but I would really like help to achieve my goal, Im so determined to do this so please contact me if you have any suggestions for fundraising ideas.

The money I need to raise will cover the cost of the course and living in America for the duration of my training, as well as the membership fee to take part in the tour.

The video I have attached is one of the videos from my Youtube channel, that I am hoping people will at least share. I have been given the option to defer for a year in order to help raise the funds, therefore I will be a New Kid in 2017!

I will also be holding various fundraisers to help raise money so please keep checking back for updates! And I very much appreciate any moneyy that people can donate, even if all you can give is Ā£1 I will be so grateful!

Thank you for reading, please help me acomplish my dream!
Rachel xox
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