Terminating Justice/Prose Filer

Home or transportation is needed for safety purposes.

I never owned a home. Being the only key holder of my residence might make life much safer for me. I’ve been a victim of unlawful entry for nearly two decades and told I’ve done porn pictures. It is not true. I’ve never allowed anyone to take any nude picture or video of me. I could hardly find a picture for this fund raiser. I’m one who was far before Erin Andrews, pleading for my justice. She received 55 million dollars. All I received was ridicule and lies being spread, even om my private conversation.What does that say about a nation that accepts material obtained through illegal acts? It is much to be done. Certainly, I was not that important to have my privacy invaded in such a way. It was just a sheer act of abuse of authority, racism and favoritism. There is no truth and honor in a thief.
The future website (terminating justice/prosefiler.com or .org)will tell the full story of the unjust officials and judges that approved of the crimes and silenced my voice, just un-American. Funding is needed for the website and for turning bills, that I’ve discovered is most essential, into law.

Being refused justice in a land where all is suppose to be treated equally has left me very insecure.

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