Kids Cooking Classes

A Taste of Serentea is a gourmet sweet treat shop. We specialize in all natural ingredients sweet treats such as handmade ice cream, gourmet popcorns, and desserts. We are located in the center of downtown Jacksonville in the Historical Springfield area. Since we are a kid-friendly shop, we have decided to extend our knowledge and skills to teach kids how to make all natural sweet treats at home. In doing so, we are offering cooking classes starting this summer for kids all over the city. The kids will be hands on in learning how to prepare and make awesome homemade sweet treats. Classes are two hours and doing that time the kids will be prep and eat his or her treats. We are asking for support and donation from the community so we can purchase all the necessary equipment and supplies for the class. Each class consist of 15 students they would need ice cream maker, aprons, cooking bowls, spoons, serving dishes, recipe books, thermostat, gloves, etc. Students will not be allowed to use any knives, or sharp equipment. Age range from 5 years old to 15 years old. Our goal is to educate and prepare kids on how to eat healthy, and avoid unnatural process food. We will also have cooking parties available on the weekend. Cost range from single class $10.00 one week class $40.00, and group class of 15 $7.00 per student. Our trained staff has experience with teaching kids on cooking technique and creativity. We are asking for a donation and if your kid or school donates they will be giving a discount on the first session. Classes begin June 2016.
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