Gabby and Josh’s Decolonized Love Story

Gabby and Josh met over a year ago in Ottawa, ON during an internship to help bring empowerment and confidence to Indigenous youth. It was love at first sight and they have been together walking on the red road ever since.

This December, Josh finally popped the question to Gabby after she completed a ceremonial fast, in which Gabby refrained from food, water and social contact.

He said “I realized then that I couldn’t live without her”.
Gabby and Josh were both affected by colonial trauma from the legacy residential schools to emotional and physical abuse and the violence of drugs and alcohol, fortunately along their journeys’ they have been able to find healing and purpose through ceremonies, community and culture.

For Gabby, it will be four years this April that she has been sober and for Josh it has been over a year. Gabby and Josh hope to start a family in a good way and break the cycle of pain that has affected many Indigenous people across Turtle Island.

They plan to start their future with a traditional pipe and blanket ceremony with close family and loved ones. Then a civil ceremony followed by a reception which they hope the whole community and family members can be involved in during the September of 2016.

Both Gabby and Josh dedicate much of their time and energy to making their community a better place and encouraging the young people to walk the good road and hope that you can help them out a little as they start their future. Please know that wedding gifts are also greatly appreciated.

The wedding they are hoping for is estimated at a minimum of $6,000, they will be using any resources and cheapsies they can however items like venue rental, sound and food are costs that cannot be avoided.

Chi Miigwech, Hiy Hiy for any contributions you can make!

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