GoFundMe Users Giving Back for the Holidays



Lifting the Spirits of Pediatric Cancer Patients


Zain's 5-year-old son Rakan once had to stay in the hospital for three full weeks, and the only thing that would get him out of bed was when he was allowed to use a Wii. Now, they are giving back by raising money to buy enough Wii units for each room in their local children's hospital.




$25,775 raised by 292 people in 11 days





YouTube Star's Yard Sale for Charity


Colleen Evans is known on the web for her entertaining videos where she sings, dances, and makes people laugh. To use her wide network for good, she is having an online "yard sale" where she is selling her clothes, and all proceeds will go toward St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.




$23,276 raised by 2,137 people in 18 days





Giving the Gift of Transportation


Three community influencers in Madison, Wisconsin went undercover to find out what it's really like to be homeless. They learned that one of the things most needed in the homeless community is a way to get around town – to school, to work, to the job center, etc. They're now raising money to buy bus passes and hand them out to as many people as possible in their local area.




$12,733 raised by 135 people in 10 days





Festivities & Feasting for Cambodian Orphanage


Raymund traveled to Cambodia to give back to local communities there. He was particularly inspired by the children he met at ASPIRE, a school for poor, homeless and orphaned children. He is raising funds from his friends back home in order to throw these children a Christmas celebration, complete with music and a feast.




$4,110 raised by 53 people in 16 days





Keeping Don Warm for Winter


Don is a well-loved member of the Russian Hill community in San Francisco. He always greets everyone with a smile, and will even go out of his way to do nice things for passersby. Don makes his living selling newspapers, but if he cannot sell enough during the day he sometimes has to sleep on the streets. Miles is raising funds from the community to buy Don a winter coat, a radio, and some other goodies too.




$1,541 raised by 51 people in 22 days








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Community raises money for guard's new smile



Indiana family welcomes fourth adopted child into their home



Orphaned student wants sick grandma to make it to his graduation



Youth football team gives back to community



Domino's driver delivers ultimate gift, a new home