Opportunity to Be Reunited

Hello everyone,

My fiancé and I are what feels like a world apart. To be exact we are 6,475 miles apart from eachother. While he is getting ready for bed, I’m just starting my day.

Our life together started two years ago in a month. As you can see the deadline for donations is 3/4’s of a month away, which will be during the time of our anniversary, and we have been waiting about 5 months to get married. We have rescheduled my ticket two times but I had to miss both of the flights because of my fathers surgery and being a full-time student handling those debts. We tried rescheduling but the airlines want us to lay additional costs to reschedule and the difference for the ticket. It’s the same cost to reschedule and to buy a new ticket. Now my fiancé is in debt and we are struggling to be together, while he works full-time and I’m getting my father back to good health.

I’ve never done this before and I don’t know if what I’m asking is unrealistic. The wedding will be small (our personal preferences) and in Turkey where he is stationed. The honeymoon is undecided because we are trying to focus on reaching our primary goal of seeing each other and finishing our wedding plans.

I thank anyone who donates to get us to our goal. The money will go towards a ticket for me and final wedding expenses. Any donation of any amount will be a blessing.
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