100% Disabled American Korean War Veteran

Hi Friends, I am Geneses Eray from the Philippines, I met an American Veteran in my country who fought during the Korean War, and he needs some help. Here is his story.
George Duncan Recipient of Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star/ with combat ā€œVā€.
I am George Duncan, a 100% disabled former marine veteran who is currently living temporarily in the Philippines as a Caucasian American Citizen. I am renting a room in Sedalia Missouri to my few belongings in and when I return to the states I know my belongings will be available. I decided to move to the Philippines for a reason. While I was in the VA Hospital having an eye operation my wife went before a judge who was her very best friend lying to him that I had deserted her which was an out like lie and I had not deserted her, I was in the hospital. She stole my savings in my two US bank accounts. She cancelled all my credit cards except one that she did not know I possessed. The judge which she lied to gave her the houses, cars, and all of the properties. It left me with nothing. I had heard that the Philippines had a low cost of living, which is not the case, maybe it is, for a Filipino. But not for an ex-patriot such as myself. I live on an island 300 miles from the Capital, Manila. Where the veterans administration has a clinic. I cannot afford to make the trip to Manila on my Social Security.
I earned the bronze star, Purple Hearts, Combat, Presidential Letter of Recommendation, 5 Presidential unit citations in Korea which shows on my DD214. I was part of the invasion of Inchon, South Korea on the 17th of September 1950 after that invasion I was part of the invasion of Wonson, North Korea the following two months. From Wonson we fought our way to the Chinese border at the Yalu River and then back to the Chosin Reservoir which was hell on earth. I suffer from Cold injury, that I acquired at the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea in November-December of 1950.
I need a few dollars to fly back to the States and receive treatment at the Veterans Hospital where I have been registered for many years at the VA Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. Thank You for your help. God and this Old former marine will pray for you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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