Help me bring hand made craft all over the USA with Crafts on the Road

Hello I’m Jolen,

I’m going to paint you a picture of Crafts on the Road.

Myself driving a beautiful team of draft ponies. ( cost $5000)

They are pulling a gyspy wagon.

This wagon has in it the living quarters for myself and my daughter well we are travleing to sell our crafts. Inside there is 2 beds, a small kitchen area that has a mini fridge, stove and small sink for cooking and washing up ( cost $ 2143 plus shipping) , a small shower stall ( cost $150 plus shipping) and a composting tolet ( cost $ 960 ) a built in table that slides in undrer the top bed and above the lower one for eating at. Bench seats with lift up tops for storage in them to sit one well we eat. This will be about 6 to 7 foot wide and from 12 to 16 foot long the wood and frame will cost about $ 10000.

My Daughter will be driving the 2nd wagon this one will be smaller and hold our crafts and a place to make more crafts. The wagon will have hidden shelves on the outside walls and a nice sitting area for use to work plus storage for our suppies and the feed for the ponies and animals. Cost about $5000

We will also have some angora goats walking with us plus out milk goat. One of the wagons will have some chickens for fresh eggs.

If you saw this going along the road would you look at it? If you later saw them stopped somewhere would you go see what there selling? I know I would.

The reasion I’m trying to get up $100000 is because as soon as I start getting money I loose my SSI ( I’m on it because I was in an accident in 1998 ) I’m not alowed to make anything even though we are $7000 below the poverty level. This is why I need your help to get this going. So I can earn $$ to get off SSI and make my way in the world I can’t work a 9 to 5 job but I can do what I am doing I just need to get it out there to people that will buy it.

Sort of crafts we do. I hand spin yarn and make things out of it a sample is the mohair hat for sale here. I have some purses I’ll be putting on soon. I make leather braclets and other small leather items. I hand quilted wall hangings. My daughter is making the plasic canvus art you are seeing done here, and getting into making Jewery we will be adding those in as soon as she has some made. She also helps with the cleaning and spinning of the fibers.

Please help us even the smallest amount helps, and please share this with your friends and family and ask them to help.

Thank you, hope to see you on the road soon!

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