Helping Hand For A Small Business

Hello, my name is Selena. I found out about Gogetfunding after rigorous online search to find a new crowdfunding organization to replace my first fundraising campaign with Kiva Zip didn’t reach its funding goal by $25, on November 3. Their crowdfunding is an all or nothing platform. Now, I find myself in an unwanted position of trying to raise money again for my business after it was snatched away from me at the very last minute. That said; I’m hoping Gogetfunding supporters, family and friends will read my story and see my passion and purpose and give me a hand up and donate to my small business ; and to encourage my family and friends who donated to my last campaign to lend me their support gain :o).

My Story: In 2003, I was laid-off as mortgage broker. The same year, I used my saving to start a mortgage broker business. The first year was financially hard. The years following were more successful but the 2008 recession caused my business to fail. In 2010, I revived the business and started a credit repair consultancy company (Real Credit Solutions) as a way to continue to provide a valuable service to people with credit issues. However, the lack of capital and left over debt from my previous business has been a strain on my current company’s success. My hope is to encourage you to help me to continue using my knowledge and experience to help my clients and potential clients with improving their financial future through good credit.

Being in credit business has been very rewarding. Being able to help someone improve the credit and become a homeowner creates a win-win situation for both me and my clients. Not only have I helped people with improving their credit and provided the tools necessary to become homeowners, I have also held a number of seminars that teach them how to manage their finances in way that will increase their ability to save for the future.

Use of Funds: The funds I’m seeking are very much need and will help provide me with much need working capital, as well as, provide me with the opportunity to purchase a new computer, desk and chair for additional staff. The remaining fund will be used for purchasing and maintaining marketing software that will allow my business to partner with affiliates in the same arena whose clients will need my services which will help me increase my revenue.

My mission for the future is to continue addressing the issues that plague consumers, credit and their finances, and provide them with solutions that will help them achieve financial success.

Please visit my website at for more details about the services offered by Real Credit Solutions.

Thank so much for your support!
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