Personal Fundraising Websites – How To Use Them? [Infographic]

The concept of personal fundraising websites can be confusing. Especially if you have only seen charity fundraising websites in the past.
However, personal fundraising sites are booming in popularity and helping more people than ever raise money for life-changing plans, projects and events.
We created this infographic to explain exactly what personal fundraising websites are and how best to use them:

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Traditional fundraising websites are a platform to raise money for a charity or business. Personal fundraising websites are designed so you can raise money for an individual.
1) Money goes directly to the person(s) in need
2) People can make a significant positive impact to someone’s life in very little time
3) There is a measurable benefit to the funds recipient
Campaign Highlights:
Dominique raised £32,559 from 4989 donors to help a homeless man who offered her his last £3 when she was left stranded at night.
After Reta’s diagnosis for colorectal cancer, the family realised they would need to reach out for help with costs. They almost doubled their target, attracting $14,111 from 95 humbled donors.
How do I do it right?
1) On the campaign page explain what you’re raising money for, exactly why the money is needed and how it will be used.
2) Share your page with your personal networks and beyond
3) Engage with donors and update on progress
How do I do it wrong?
1) Expect all donations to come from total strangers
2) Using stock photography, vague descriptions
3) Setting unrealistic financial goals
Tip: helps you set a realistic financial goal based on your personal network and other key factors
What can a personal fundraising website be used for?
Anything that matters to you. The most popular campaigns include:
Medical Expenses – out-of-pocket medical expenses can be financially crippling. Thankfully, this is where we often see the largest outpouring of financial and emotional support.
Funerals & Tributes – Unexpected funeral costs can be a significant cost of bear. However, personal networks are always eager to help the family in need during a time of grief.
Volunteer & Travel – You want to do something amazing abroad but costs holding your back?
Personal networks love empowering those with the desire to help others around the world.
What personal crowdfunding IS NOT : Personal crowdfunding is not begging, free money or a path to riches
What personal crowdfunding IS : Personal crowdfunding is shared enthusiasm. An OPPORTUNITY for others to get involved in something that really matters to you.

We hope you now know exactly what personal fundraising is and how to take advantage of it for yourself or a loved one. Remember, if you have any questions or need guidance getting started simply get in touch .
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