Help a doctor from Cuba to attend a meeting in USA!

I am a medical doctor and scientist in Havana, Cuba. About 5 years ago I started to develop a new area of my specialty -Clinical Neurophysiology- in my country, this area is the continuous EEG -or cEEG- monitoring in the critically ill patients. cEEG is a technique that helps doctors in the intensive care units -ICU- to to take decisions about the patient’s level of neurological impairment -and believe me the nervous system gets involved in most of the medical conditions that bring patients to ICU!- and to improve treatment. Most of the knowledge and expertise I have in this subject I have acquired from collaborating with expert colleagues in the USA. In this respect attending the annual meeting of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society has been very important given the high educational content and opportunities for direct interactions and exchange. This is the link of the ACNS [ ].

With the knowledge I have acquired along this 5 years I have introduced cEEG in two ICUs in Havana, have given several lectures in national meetings and have organized and taught 3 national courses to pass the knowledge to my Cuban colleagues. Here you can find more information about me [… ].

However travelling to the USA for Cubans is a difficult enterprise because we have very low salaries compared to our colleagues from the USA and Europe. For example, my monthly salary is equivalent to 80 USD, and there is very little money in the health system to pay for travel. Right now I have secured the funds for the plane ticket and meeting registration -that will cover most of the expenses- but I need extra funds to cover the lodging. I will try to find the cheapest hotel possible near the venue but I estimate I will still need about 500 USD.

Help me to go to the 2016 meeting of ACNS. Help me to continue learning. Help to continue developing cEEG in Cuba.

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