Estimate Your Crowdfunding Success

Following 6 months of design, development and research, we’re happy to release – the crowdfunding success predictor.

One of the biggest mistakes we see when people start a crowdfunding campaign is that they set an unrealistic target . Not only is an overambitious target demotivating for the fundraising team when they see their fundraising bar fail to progress, but it can also deter potential backers.
Backers want to be part of something successful . They want their donation to make a difference and if it doesn’t help the campaign get measurably closer to it’s goal, they’ll avoid backing the campaign altogether.
Using statistics and information we’ve gathered over the years, in addition to information from various other crowdfunding sources, is the world’s first crowdfunding success predictor.

Depending on whether you’re creating a cause, reward or equity-based campaign, you’ll be asked various questions to help our algorithm predict the likelihood of your success. Aside from what is often an eye-opening result, the questions and statistics we provide help you to explore your own approach and adapt based on the most successful campaigns.
Our results come with the caveat that each campaign is different and that despite being based on quality information, our predication remains just a prediction that you should aim to beat! With that said, in our initial tests, cause based GoGetFunding campaigns did indeed raise what had predicted (28 of 32 surveyed campaigns fell within our estimates).
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