IndieGoGo Life Fees & Review, one of the largest crowdfunding sites, recently launched IndieGoGo Life which is dedicated to crowdfunding life events. Marketed as a free fundraising site, this helps IndieGoGo separate their creative campaigns from personal causes.
We initially thought that this was a great move by IndieGoGo, who have helped pave the way for crowdfunding in general. However, upon reviewing the platform in detail we feel that it doesn’t provide campaign owners with all the tools they need.
IndieGoGo Life is a stripped down version of IndieGoGo, with just the absolute basic fundraising features. Furthermore, although they say their platform is free, each donor is prompted to make a donation to IndieGoGo Life upon checkout.
Campaign owners should be completely aware about what they’re getting. There are a many other great personal crowdfunding sites out there. From Fundrazr and GoFundMe to us at .
Here’s how we specifically compare against IndieGoGo Life:

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We believe that those raising money for personal causes and life events need just as many tools to help them manage and promote their campaign as when crowdfunding for a creative or business project.
The difference in the support, tools and features provided can really make the difference between raising 50% or 150% of your goal .
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