Creative in the US. Help fund Slikk Creative

Slikk Creative Is on the rise and I need your help. With the recent growth in the company I need to expand to meet the volume coming in. We need space to fabricate items for arts and entertainment, commercial spaces, artist, homeowners, and emerging entrepreneurs.

Without the right shop space It feels like the business has an Achilles Heal problem. Of course I am fulfilling design and fabrication orders but capacity for new business is drastically reduced without right space to produce in. Also there are some more tools that could be utilized such as a larger AC TIG welder for larger projects, as well as a CNC router for an added level of precision. This will give me the edge I need to keep making a quality products for the community, arts, entertainment and you who believe in me.

Slikk Creative is the manifestation of all my passion for nerdy things and art. From where I sit I’m doing what I love to do, what comes natural and is filling a gap in the U.S. economy. We need more innovators, builders and artist. My job is to be all three. I haven’t succeeded at all three yet but I spend everyday taking one step closer.

Success in this economy, and especially Los Angeles, is not easy. I will continue down this path as long as my hands, feet and mind are still working. I hope to support not only my beautiful family but other families as well. Your investments are long term and there is no shortage of vision.

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